A Newspaper for Mortimer House

Maslow’s is the parent company of a series of members’ houses and restaurants in London, including Mortimer House, Nessa and 1 Warwick. In the months leading up to its first expansion in 2023, Maslow’s needed a bespoke print publication capable of evoking the tone of voice of its three distinct brands.

As chief editor, Ben Rylan created Maslow’s Notebook. This original media product features interviews with notable personalities, including model and climate activist Arizona Muse, menswear journalist Simon Crompton, and fitness leader Roger Frampton.

Maslow’s Notebook uses the foundations of the Maslow’s brand as its key editorial focuses: health, creativity, and self-improvement. By fusing these interests into one publication, the newspaper functions as a crucial meeting point for the growing Maslow’s group of hospitality brands.

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