Branded podcasts with authority

As a producer of branded content at Monocle magazine, Ben Rylan created podcasts that drove engagement and developed new consumer habits.

The Cinema Show was created for the film streaming site, MUBI. This original series featured Moonlight director Barry Jenkins (before and after his Oscar win), Sam Mendes, Agnes Varda, Chiwetel Ejiofor, Rupert Everett and Robert Zemeckis, among many others. After recording on-location at the Cannes Film Festival and the Venice Biennale, the series became one of the top arts programmes on Apple Podcasts.

A different approach was taken for Zurich Tourism. This client wanted to promote the Swiss city as a key holiday destination, distinct from its existing reputation as a business hub. A new series was created, Monocle On Sunday, which broadcast live every Sunday morning in front of an audience at Monocle’s bureau in Zurich. The live programme was then made available as a podcast.

Other clients for whom Ben has created podcasts include UBS, Julius Baer, Chanel, Breitling and the United Nations. Listen to selected audio credits here.

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